Storage Tips from the Pros

Trust the pros at Packrat Storage and Four Seasons Mini Storage when it comes to packing, as well as storing, your belongings. Review our storage tips below! If you have any
questions for us or you would like to learn more about our storage facilities in Saskatoon, be sure to give us a call today.

Heavier Items in Smaller Boxes   

We recommend packing your heavy items in smaller boxes to ensure easier lifting and carrying. Heavy items might include small kitchen appliances, books, and tools.

Invest in Sturdy Boxes   

The sturdier the box, the less likely you are to experience collapsing or tipping. Sturdy boxes should be packed to capacity to keep them upright.

Keep Appliances Dry   

Be sure your appliances are dry when you move them into storage. It is helpful to keep any refrigerator or freezer doors slightly open to get all of the moisture out.

Never Store Food/Perishables   

Food and other perishables can attract rodents and/or insects. Flammable and toxic items should not be stored either for safety reasons.

Furniture Covering   

Furniture should be covered with plastic in order to protect the upholstery from dust and damage during your move or in the storage unit.

Gas and Oil Draining   

Yard machines need to be completely drained of their gas and oil prior to getting them into storage. Gas and oil are always risky, and they can leave stains.


Content insurance is useful when you store your items and valuables in a storage facility that is not your own.

Ventilation is Key   

You should leave some space behind and to the sides of your items to allow for proper ventilation. Don’t lean anything against the walls, and skids or pallets are helpful in keeping everything off the floor.

Label Your Boxes   

You will thank your past self for clearly labeling your boxes. Both fragile and location labels are extremely useful when it comes time to move them out of storage.

The Rules of Bubble Wrap and Foam   

Fragile items should always be protected with bubble wrap and/or foam so they remain safely intact by the time you need them. No exceptions!

Leverage Unit Height   

When you leverage the height of your storage unit, you will certainly save more space. Items you might need later on down the road should be stored toward the front.

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